Principal’s Message

Ziauddin College of Dentistry has moved from strength to strength with several graduated batches under its umbrella since 2010. Over the years it has gained an enviable reputation for quality in dental education and clinical training. Every effort is made to ensure we get the best in student intake and over the next four years, our dedicated faculty work to unlock and develop the full potential of the student. ZDC boasts the first Virtual Reality dental skills (Virteasy) development laboratory that objectively trains and assesses the student. Understanding Clinical requirements and skill begins in the First Year and continues with our VR and Phantom Head laboratories through the next three years. Having learnt the requisite basic dental skills in simulate conditions students move to our subsidized out-patient clinics to impart those clinical skills. With time and with the development of the college and faculty, we have improved student facilitator academic interaction and added more value-added clinical services. From the start our students are actively immersed in Community oral health issues and care, participating in school and free dental camps in the low income and deprived communities around the area.

As a responsible University and in order to help offset the paucity of specialists in oral health care the College has postgraduate Basic Dental Sciences’ M.Phil. programmes. At the clinical level we have a running MDS programme in various disciplines. We are also CPSP approved center for FCPS Clinical training in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Operative Dentistry. Having recently been approved by the PMDC for further postgraduate programmes we hope to expand further. We look forwards to the national benefits of our graduates to the coming years.

Mervyn Hosein
FDS RCSE (Edin.); FDS RCS (Eng.); FFDRDCSI (Irl.)
Professor, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Principal, Dentistry

Ziauddin College of Dentistry