Colgate Award Ceremony on 18 May 2022

Department of Community Dentistry, Ziauddin College of Dentistry, Ziauddin University has organized Colgate Award Ceremony on 18 May 2022. The chief guest of the ceremony was Prof Dr.Abbas Zafar, Dean Faculty of Health Sciences, Ziauddin University.
In the ceremony, along with our chief guest and Principal Prof Dr.Mervyn Hosein, Mr. Shariq Siddique Regional Head of  Colgate-Palmolive, distributed a shield, gold medal, and price of 10,000 Pak Rupee to two BDS graduated Batch 9 former students on securing highest marks in  Community Dentistry and Periodontology.
Dr.Javeria Memon in Community Dentistry
Dr.Mahlaqa Maroof in Periodontolog

ZDC has visited The Valiasr Comprehensive School

The department of Community Dentistry, Ziauddin College of Dentistry has visited The Valiasr Comprehensive School, on  31st March 2022 under the supervision of Dr.Sidra Mohiuddin, HOD & Associate Professor along with her team comprising Dr.Abeeha Batool Zaidi (senior lecturer), Dr.Khizra Rehman, Dr.Yousra Altaf (lectures) and second-year BDS students as a part of their undergraduate community outreach activity.
The objective of the community outreach was oral health promotion and education via teaching and demonstrating tooth brushing skills as well as highlighting the risk factors and outcomes of common oral problems, emphasizing the preventive strategies. All undergraduate students participated in disseminating oral health education among school children. Students were trained during their community practicals hours.

The outreach activity collaborated with Colgate Palmolive, Colgate team had shown a tooth brushing video to the primary school children and distributed toothbrush and toothpaste goodie packs at end of the activity to all the school children.

SCD session

ZCD held a session on the “Role of General Dental Practitioner in the management of oral cancer AND introduction to special care dentistry” for its students on 4th March, 2022. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Saifullah Khan, an academic scholar with an experience of working and studying in the UK and Ireland. The session shed light on how a general dentist can manage the patient with oral cancer. Pakistan ranks very high in the prevalence of oral cancer due to high consumption of chewable tobacco. As much as prevention is necessary, the management of the condition requires attention. The session started with the basics of diagnosing an oral cancer patient and later shed light on the interdisciplinary approach of management of the patient. Developing empathy towards a cancer patient was another highlight of the session and it was reiterated to never judge any of your patient, as we never know what is that person going through. The protocols of communication and personal demeaner of conducting one self with a cancer patient was also shared.  

Dr. Saif also has MSc in Special care dentistry from UCL, London and holds the Diploma in Special care dentistry from the RCS – Edinburgh, shed light on the relatively new field in dentistry, the care for people with special needs. It is important to adapt our conduct and treatment protocols to suit the need of every patient, regardless of their disabilities. The onus of holistic practice lies on the dental care practitioner and encompasses the gist of patient-centered care. A disability can be in various forms and extents, ranging from the need of a wheelchair, to communicate in sign/visually assisted language, to societal biases towards a particular group of people. A common perception persists that special care dentistry caters to older cohort of the patients, however, it encompasses individuals whose medical, physical, psychological or social situations make it necessary to modify normal dental routines in order to provide dental treatment for that individual. It is hoped that this field of dentistry will soon be formally recognized in our part of the world. 

Faculty training commences in the Dental Simulation Virtual Reality Lab

The Virtual Reality Dental Simulation Lab, Ziauddin College of Dentistry, Ziauddin University, was inaugurated on November 25 2021. This VR Lab was built with great support from Dr. Asim Hussain chancellor, Ziauddin University, Dr. Abbas Zafar Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, Dr. Nida Hussain Pro-chancellor, Ziauddin University, Dr. Mervyn Hosein, Principal, College of Dentistry, Dr. Asmat Jameel, Head of department of Operative Dentistry, Dr. Shoaib Khan, Head of Department of Dental Materials, Mr. James Markey Global head of operations, HRV simulation and Dr. Aisha Anwar dental OPD manager. This is the first time such a lab is made in Pakistan. Ziauddin College of Dentistry is proud to announce that the first three batches of faculty training have been completed. 15 faculty members are trained in the VR lab under the supervision of Dr. Sikander Majeed, Lecturer VR Lab, Dr. Asmat Jameel and Dr. Mervyn Hosein. These faculty members have received special training to further train the first, second,third and fourth year BDS students. VR simulation training will now be a part of undergraduate curriculum. This training on dental simulators will help students to excel their professional skills before starting dental procedures on patients.

Awareness Program

The Paediatric Dentistry department, Ziauddin College of Dentistry, organized a school awareness program on Tuesday 8th February 2022. Our faculty member Dr. Farwa Shafiq and house officer Dr. Muzna Aijaz Khan visited Hampton school. They delivered a lecture on Oral hygiene to grade 3 students. This was followed by a group activity where the children learned the proper brushing technique on teeth models. The faculty also did dental checkups for all the students. Overall it was a successful event organized by the Head of the Department of Operative Dentistry Dr. Asmat Jameel and Senior registrar Dr. Sadaf Ali.

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) Commencement

On the 1st of March 2021, the Ziauddin College of Dentistry opened its doors to the 12th batch of the Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) programme. The event was held at Ziauddin University Clifton campus and included the presence of a few significant faculty members as well as the current batch of students joining us for the Spring 2021 semester. Here are some highlights from the event!

Community Outreach Trip to The Frobel’s School By Department of Community & Preventive Dentistry, Ziauddin college of Dentistry, ZU

Department of Community & Preventive Dentistry, Ziauddin College of Dentistry, Ziauddin University under the supervision of Dr.Sidra Mohiuddin (Assistant Professor & HOD) along with Dr.Abeeha Batool Zaidi, Dr.Khizra Rehman, Dr.Mahnoor Moiz, Dr.Waqas Jadoon and House officers organized school oral health educational and promotional program on 14-January-2020.

They visited The Froebel’s School and screened senior section from class 6 till 8. Teams were divided in to two groups as they had screened both girls and boys sections where they have checked total of 250 school children and aware them about maintenance of good oral hygiene, importance of regular tooth brushing, mouth washing and floss, regular dental visits and eating raw food. Furthermore, school children were also educated about smokeless tobacco products and their harmful effects on oral cavity.

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