Advancing Dental Education and Research at Ziauddin University


Operative Dentistry Continuing Education Program 2023 and Series of Research

Department of Operative dentistry, Ziauddin College Of Dentistry, conducted a series of refresher courses, under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Asmat Jameel, for the entire faculty of Operative Dentistry department and the faculty of Virtual Simulation lab in the month of February 2023. It was conducted as a part of continued dental education and for the professional development of the faculty. The restorative dentistry course was facilitated by Prof. Dr. Asmat Jameel, Head of the Operative Dentistry department. The endodontic course was conducted by Prof. Dr. Hina Ahmed and the Paediatric dentistry course was conducted by Assistant Professor Dr. Sadaf Ali. After attending all the demonstrations, the faculty performed all the procedures on extracted teeth and phantom teeth in the skills lab.