It takes a great deal of hard work, commitment and sacrifice to reach a professional milestone such as, becoming a health care worker.

For the past four years, the dental program at Ziauddin University has imparted us the clinical and analytical knowledge along with technical skills and training required necessary to become a dental practitioner.

As a part of our training, we had the opportunity to carry out community outreach work as well as participate in research programs, dental screening campaigns which we accomplished despite the challenges, demands and adjustments required of us. Lastly, securing distinctions in 15 subjects over four years of my training program is an honorable achievement for which I owe great deal of gratitude to my respected professors, the faculty members for their guidance and my beloved family and friends for their support.

This is just the beginning of my learning!

Dr. Itrat

I remember starting Ziauddin all starry-eyed, ready to take on the world, little did I know the smallness of my existence, and the vastness of medicine. The hallways of this university have seen our tears, stumbles, laughter, friendships and our frustration. They’ve seen us grow, physically and figuratively, they gave us friends that became family, and lecture halls that became home – literally, when the uncomfortable benches at the back became our beds. From traipsing the countless flights of stairs, to almost always lamenting the mini tuc shop that never carried anything healthy – while, ironically, devouring bag of chips with chai, our favourite combination, to celebrating 14th August with Ziauddin in colours of our flag, we grew up. Speaking of growing, Ziauddin’s pet cats, Linda, christened by our group, grew up along with us and her litter of kittens. We’ve seen Ziauddin grow too, again, literally, with the addition of floors every year, and it’s been a bittersweet feeling having to finally say goodbye to my home away from home.

I still remember walking into the Operation Theatre, and feeling a multitude of emotions. The scrubs. The stark cleanliness. The bright, glaring lights. There is a method to the madness. The rush of emotions. There lay a patient. A gun shot wound. Lying on the stretcher, unconscious, trusting the surgeon will do his absolute best to save his life and help him live. That day still resonates with me, we help people, we really, truly help people, and that being called a doctor is no easy feat. To earn that trust is another obstacle to overcome. It is a substantial responsibility, and I pray, I pray, we honour that responsibility with all our might.

Dr. Alishba

From the very beginning, I was interested in the medical field as my grandfather wished to see me as a doctor. I have always worked hard and remained motivated, eager to achieve my goals. I believe I have the potential to accept challenges and the capability to overcome my weaknesses.

Besides achievements in academics, I participated in different poster competitions receiving tokens of appreciation from Ziauddin University on numerous occasions. I have also volunteered in different community based oral health programmes and campaigns for screening special children in several institutions.

I have achieved distinction in 15 out of 17 subjects like Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Dental Material, Oral Biology, Pharmacology, Pathology, Community Dentistry, Periodontology, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, General Medicine, Oral and Maxillofacial surgery, Orthodontics and Prosthodontics.

I now wish to build on a postgraduate dental career. I thank Ziauddin University for providing me with such an amazing platform and the opportunities to prove myself.



As a final year student here at Ziauddin University I’ve had a great set of memories of my years. Thanks to the quality of education and professors that link the theory and clinical practice by illustrating examples of their own professional experience. Exceptional support from the faculty helped me improve my communication skills, also providing a unique opportunity to participate in the research programmes being conducted in campus through an expert multidisciplinary faculty.
After spending a span of three long years I can say that I had made the correct decision. The final year has been a lot more interesting, yet challenging as compared to the rest, allowing a hands-on experience and an opportunity to work with high-end technology being practiced worldwide and permitting me to put my manual dexterity to test in the clinics as a dentist and not merely a dental student.
For all new students coming to the university, pursuing dentistry, “Work Hard, Work Smart! Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy!”

Mehmood Ahmed